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Ruler of The Nations

by Authors Gary DeMar ,

Does the Bible have answers for the complex problems of modern civil government? Yes. Absolutely. Scandal ridden and conspiracy laden, our entire government system is in trouble. From the court house to the White House, the government of our land has been crippled with corruption, bureaucratic red tape, and political finagling. Many constitutional experts fear that if the system does not soon recover it’s integrity – and thus the confidence of it’s citizenry – it will not survive to the end of this century. But they have little or no idea how to correct that integrity. They don’t have the answers....

How To Make Heaven

by Authors Moses A. Ojute ,

Man is a spiritual traveler, irrespective of your belief, be you an atheist, a Christian, Hindus, Muslim, Buddhist or whatever. In real life there are three scenarios that worth pondering about. These are occupy till I come scenario, the last judgment scenario, and, the hope and resurrection of the dead scenario. How to make heaven: Eliminating caricature, making the path straight is an undiluted guide to finding your way into secured eternity after death. It explains in detail the truth about the kingdom of God, the parameters for God’s judgment, and what actually qualifies a person to make heaven. The book...

Eden, Dawn

by Authors Archer Swift ,

Fleeing an Earth inferno, thirty thousand humans landed on a terrifying yet beautiful planet, they named Eden, hoping to find a new start. Ten years later three hundred and sixty-seven survive; staving off the brutal, carnivorous creatures that prey on them, holding out against a formidable humanoid species known, initially, only as them, while facing insidious deceit and betrayal from within their own ranks. Wrestling through his own inner turmoil; plagued by the galling memories of Earth’s final hurrah, the death of his parents, and awakened feelings for a girl his best friend loves, shy seventeen-year-old Ristan Abel finds himself plunged...

The Deadly Onez

by Authors Ziad Antar ,

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wake up in the morning like any other morning but to find out that your building’s janitor isn’t a janitor anymore, or your neighbor that you see everyday watering his plants isn’t watering anymore, or even your friend who were supposed to meet doesn’t show up. What if it was a dreadful nightmare but it’s so terrible that you can’t wake up till you finally realize those people aren’t just dead , but instead they start breathing and walking after parting life. The janitor is eating a lady across the street...

Mystery of the Vanished Parents

by Authors David Drake ,

A short novel for 10 to 15 year olds: Tommy (11) and his brother Gary (15) begin to doubt the story that their parents died 9 years before in a plane accident and set out to solve the mystery – one the police and highly paid lawyers apparently weren’t able to solve. They travel from the mansion where they live with their wealthy grandfather into the slums, the dangerous area of docks and freighters, and the unsavory bar district of their city as they search for the man with the limp who they call Scarface. He holds the key. “He’d as...

Life Blood – Cora’s Choice Book 1

by Authors V. M. Black ,

Introducing a world in which vampires are born, not made… She wanted life. He needed her blood. Cora Shaw will do anything to live. Diagnosed with terminal cancer in her senior year of college, she is given a choice: Call hospice, or seek out a mysterious man who promises an impossible–and insanely dangerous–cure. She knows him only as Mr. Thorne, a reclusive billionaire who seems full of contradictions. A man with strange, impossible powers over her. A man, she discovers, who is not a man at all....

The Book

by Authors David Drake ,

Del is fifteen and hates his name, well quite honestly, Del hates most everything about himself and most everybody else. He happens onto an old man (a writer) in a park who, in contrast, really likes himself and most everybody else. They talk, they share their lives, they grow, they write a book together. This is a book of wonder-filled conversations about how to build a good, successful, and helpful life. It is about finding hope and the strength and ability to make personal changes. It is a book about discovering who and what a young person wants to become and...

The Black Art of Programming

by Authors Mark McIlroy ,

A guide to computer programming. This book covers the basic material from a computer science course. It is suitable for all programming languages and does not focus on a particular language. Suitable for beginning programmers and intermediate programmers....

Marx’s Religion of Revolution

by Authors Gary North ,

One third of the world’s population today lives under tyrannies that call themselves Marxist. No other worldview commands this many people. Yet a hundred and fifty years ago, there was no philosophy called Marxism. Karl Marx was then and undergraduate university student who specialized in pubs, taverns, cafes, and desperate letters to his family asking for more money. How could such a transformation of the world take place so rapidly? Why have Communist revolutions swept the face of the earth? And why did they occur only in regions where Marx had insisted that they could not in theory take place until...

Top Ten Selling – The Lumberjacks Chronicles

by Authors Dan Norman ,

Dan Norman’s career in sales began in a logging camp high in the hills of North Georgia. Fresh out of college with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting and Drawing, he was making his first sales call as a sales representative with Motorola. Locked in his car, dressed in a suit and surrounded by lumberjacks carrying chain saws, Dan was afraid to open the door! Long since that terrifying beginning, Dan has become a sales performance expert. In this small yet powerful book, Top Ten Selling, Dan examines the fundamental attributes of the very best salespeople that have propelled...