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Top PhD Advice from Start to Defense and Beyond

by Authors Eva Lantsoght , edited by: Francien Horrevorts, AcademicTransfer ,

This book introduces a career in academia or science in the Netherlands, covering topics such as obtaining your paid PhD position, Research Planning, Academic Writing and moving to the Netherlands....

The Ultimate Student & Graduate Job Handbook

by Authors Gavin F. Redelman, RedStarResume ,

In this eBook you will find information on job searching tips, resume writing advice, using college resources to your advantage, the power of networking and using social media to your advantage....

Study in Scandinavia

by Authors Ventus Publishing ApS ,

This book is the first in a series of eBooks about studying abroad....

The Ultimate Australian Job Search Handbook

by Authors Gavin F. Redelman, RedStarResume ,

Are you currently seeking a job in Australia?...