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Bootcamp Workout Ideas

by Authors Garry Robinson ,

A field manual of 50 complete group outdoor workouts scaled for all fitness levels. It also includes 10 fun warm-up drills, 30 intense boxing combos and loads of insider tips straight from Australia’s top military and civilian PTIs. The workouts, drills and ideas in this e-manual are the real deal!They are the result of over 3 years spent studying and training with successful bootcamp business owners and real military PTIs. I have spent literally thousands of hours in the field with my own bootcamp clients, trying out ideas and condensing them into the most effective bunch of workouts on the market...

100 Top Fitness Tips

by Authors home-gym-health-exercise.com ,

Take control of health and develop an enhanced sense of well-being with expert tips that are effective for any lifestyle and for any fitness level. Information on weight loss is detailed in an easy-to-understand format. Recommendations for developing an improved whole-body profile include regular routines incorporating compound exercises, which work multiple muscle groups to their greatest potential. Additional techniques deal with the importance of improving cardio health, selecting the right clothing for a more comfortable workout and motivational advice to stay on target for long-term success. Equipment recommendations make filling a smaller home space easy and economical while providing variety and...

Comprehensive Guide on Losing Weight & Building Lean Muscles

by Authors Zain Nadeem ,

Tips on the fastest ways to lose fat. Hight Intensity exercises such as kettlebell & burpees are explained in detail. Most of the exercises are proven and a lot of people have lost weight with the help of these exercises. Diet & Nutrition to Lose Weight & Build Lean Muscles is also explained. Strength Training & Muscle Building to Lose Weight....

10 Things You MUST Do to Get a Great Body

by Authors Josh Owen ,

This step-by-step guide will get anyone, male or female, the body of their dreams. Owen teaches users how to burn fat and build muscle simultaneously so that they are always burning calories. The progress that even beginners will make by utilizing this method is unbelievable. Owen neatly organizes his book for easy use. He walks through weight lifting, nutrition, cardio, and how to work it all into a program. He even includes some of the basics that many experts gloss over, such as how to rest and recover and track progress. This all inclusive book is the only manual anyone will...

Diseases without Borders

by Authors Michael Savage ,

Diseases without Borders ebook EPUB/PDF/PRC/MOBI/AZW3 free download. Author: Michael Savage...